Walkways & Steps

Retaining walls are an excellent addition, serving many purposes. Here’s a look.

If you’ve ever considered enhancing your curb appeal, switching out those old gray cement stairs is a perfect place to start. Here’s a few ideas of stairways to spice up the entryway to your home.

When deciding on the appearance and maintenance of your backyard, considering your options is imperative. Aesthetics and practicality are essential.  Thus, when determining if you would prefer Cataldo Landscaping and Masonry to install brick or blue stone patios in your Newton, MA home, you should know the benefits of both. Blue Stone Patios With a […]

Homeowners can spend countless hours maintaining their yard.  However, with the help of a landscaper in Wellesley, Massachusetts, you can save time while enhancing all of your efforts.  With the addition of walkway to your home, you can make the statement that your home is missing.   Complement Although a tempting DIY for some, walkways […]

It can be hard to find a landscaping service you trust with your yard, but it doesn’t have to be. Cataldo Landscape & Masonry has been leading the industry in Massachusetts since 1978.

Masons have the skill and technique to turn your run of the mill marble and sandstone into beautiful structures.

Some stones are better for building and masonry purposes. For those looking to have masonry done to their yard, it’s best to know the different rocks to use and which one is best for your project.

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Though our brick paths are robust and sturdy, there are ways we can protect them from additional damage during the harsh winter.

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Whether we do it ourselves, we have a professional visit our home, or we purchase our homes with a brick patio in Wellesley, MA, it isn’t uncommon that it might need a little TLC. Most homeowners notice when their patio has become a little worn or dated, and Cataldo Landscape and Masonry wants to offer […]

Cataldo’s Landscaping is a premium landscaper around Boston because we know the next great trend in landscape design. Being the best means being experts in our field, and we are excited learn more about the upcoming trends of the new year. 2016 will have plenty of memorable design decisions, and some you might want to […]