Seasonal FAQs/Tips

Posted on October 1, 2021 in Landscaping, Landscaping Tips, Lawn Care, Seasonal FAQs/Tips

  As we get deeper into the fall season, the time is closing in for winter lawn and garden preparations. Although what grows in your landscape design decides on the precise preparation requirements, there are a few basics to get you on the way.    Our experts at Cataldo Landscaping have created this helpful list […]

Don’t put those garden tools away just yet, landscaping season is still underway!

Lawn care in Wellesley, Newton, Needham and the surrounding areas can be tricky when homeowners find their yards completely brown but don’t know the difference between dormant and dead grass.

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As a landscaping company near Boston, we understand its benefits. However, it can also wreak havoc on our yards! Prior to piling your salty snow on the lawn, think about the various ways salt can damage our beautifully designed properties.

Something many learning about landscaping for the first time typically find surprising is that winter pruning in Wellesley, MA is an encouraged practice.

Cataldo Landscape and Masonry is asked all the time about various landscaping tips for Needham and Newton homes that need some sprucing up in the winter, and we have a few suggestions!

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If there is one thing we see as landscaping professionals in Needham and Newton in the spring, it’s the serious damage winter can inflict on our trees and shrubs.

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We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: landscaping in Weston, MA doesn’t have to stop mid-fall! Cataldo Landscape and Masonry knows all about working in different weather conditions, and we have a few tips for those looking to plant in the early winter!

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We don’t want to think about the cold weather until it’s here, but there are many reasons why you should plan ahead and call Cataldo Landscape and Masonry for your snow plowing in Needham, MA before our first big Nor’easter.

How many times has Cataldo Landscape and Masonry told you that you should clear your yard of leaves and debris during the fall season? We’re sure more times than you can count, but we are the landscaping experts in Newton, after all. So, you took our advice and now you have a pile of leaves you don’t know what to do with! We have a few ways of using up that pile that is both practical and easy (and it can save you some money)!