6 Ways to Help Brick Patios Survive Winter

Posted on February 23, 2024

Snowfall transforms our surroundings into a picturesque winter wonderland, casting a serene beauty that captivates us, especially when observed from the warmth of our homes. However, the idyllic scene takes a practical turn when stepping outside to tackle the responsibility of shoveling. Our previous article looked at the differences and benefits of blue stone and brick patio installation. However, if you already have one, knowing how to care for it during the New England winters properly is essential!

While these brick walkways and patios are renowned for their robustness, the harsh winter elements can pose challenges. Here, we’re exploring effective ways to protect them from potential damage during this snowy season.

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Choosing the Right Tools for Snow Removal

To no surprise, the shovel is the primary and safest tool for clearing snow and ice from brick surfaces. Nevertheless, relying solely on a shovel may not always suffice to ensure safety and usability.

Dealing with Ice: A Delicate Balance

De-icing salt and other chemical products are commonly employed to eliminate ice or compacted snow. However, while effective, these products can inflict damage on brick surfaces. Issues such as discoloration, staining, and even compromised structural integrity may arise. Additionally, the impact extends to the surrounding lawn.

For those without access to snowplows with rubber paddles designed to protect brick, Cataldo offers valuable tips for effective ice and snow removal:

  1. Shoveling First: Prioritize the removal of as much snow and ice as possible with a shovel before resorting to chemical products.
  2. Avoid Harmful Products: Avoid de-icers containing ammonium nitrate and sulfate, which can harm brick patios.
  3. Consider Sand: Opt for sand as an alternative to traditional de-icers or combine it with them. Sand not only aids in traction but also minimizes the potential damage.
  4. Promote Melting: Accelerate the melting process by diligently removing snow and slush.
  5. Protect Vegetation: Keep de-icers and similar products away from vegetation to prevent harm to plants and surrounding greenery.
  6. Magnesium Chloride: Consider using magnesium chloride, a newer de-icing product known for being safer for brick surfaces.

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Expert Advice from Cataldo Landscape and Masonry

Cataldo Landscape and Masonry, a trusted name in landscaping, emphasizes the responsible use of de-icing products. They advise customers to adhere to package instructions, avoid using them where landscape damage is likely, and apply them moderately throughout winter.

For further information on brick patio care or installation, please reach out at (781) 304-8900. Winter may bring its challenges, but with the right strategies, your brick patios can weather the season with grace and resilience.