Boston Landscapers are Predicting Hot 2022 Trends

Posted on February 4, 2022

It seems like yesterday that we just walked into the year 2022. However, it has already been a month that went by too fast. As warm weather inches its way closer, our landscapers in Boston are preparing to start your landscaping projects. With that being said, it is time to look at some of the landscaping and masonry trends with Cataldo Landscaping!


Here are a couple of the treads that we have noticed in 2022 so far!


Maximizing Garden Space 

Whether you live in a Boston apartment or on a vast green estate, many people seek simple ways to maximize their growing space. After the pandemic scare of 2020, people are finally making their way outside to embrace nature in and around their homes. In addition, it means that many are beginning to find their green thumbs and making small gardens for their homes!


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Pet-friendly Upgrades

A 2020 survey from Statista showed that 70 percent of Americans who took the survey spent more time with their pets during the pandemic. In addition, 10 percent of people brought in a new pet to spend their time with. Many landscaping professionals are inspecting this to lead to an increase in strategizing our outdoor spaces for our furry friends. However, some foreseen downsides to having a new friend around your home. Dog often create dead spots in our yards and lawns, but this doesn’t have to be the case! We have the option of using synthetic turf for our dogs, further allowing you to train your animals to do their business on the turf, saving your grass. 

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Investing in Outdoor Living

You can probably gather by now that most people in the world are sick of spending all their time inside. One thing that we see many people beginning to do in 2022 is create outdoor areas for their gatherings. These areas can include anything from outdoor kitchens, movie areas, patios, fires, and more! 


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Redefining landscaping with Cataldo Masonry!

Cataldo Landscaping has been a full-service, year-round landscaping and masonry company for over four decades. Our company was founded by Jerry Cataldo himself. Jerry makes sure that every project he and his team handless is 100% tailored to you and your landscaping needs. 


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