Brick versus Blue Stone Patios

Posted on August 2, 2019

When deciding on the appearance and maintenance of your backyard, considering your options is imperative. Aesthetics and practicality are essential.  Thus, when determining if you would prefer Cataldo Landscaping and Masonry to install brick or blue stone patios in your Newton, MA home, you should know the benefits of both.

Blue Stone Patios

  • With a wide range of colors, sizes, and shapes your landscape design is endless. Though blue stone might take longer to install given the ununiformed appearance, it is well worth the wait.
  • Blue stone is an excellent choice for outdoor use because of its rough surface, especially around areas of your yard that might become wet. For example, bluestone is highly requested for pool patio areas.
  • Blue stone can be sealed with a porous stone sealer. This enables outdoor living and entertaining to be an enjoyable time. Spills from food and chemicals become less of a concern with the application of a sealer.
  • Although blue stone may come with a heftier price than brick, it’s an investment worth making. Buyers love curb appeal.  With an investment like blue stone, you can expect your home value to increase.

blue stone patio Newton MA

Brick Patios

  • As previously mentioned, brick is often less expensive. Saving your budget without sacrificing beauty is the top priority for many homeowners.
  • With its uniform size, adjusting or replacing a damaged brick doesn’t mean ripping up the entire patio. However, adhering to the unique process to ensure the integrity of your patio is a must if you’re a diy’er.
  • Further, the uniformed shape of brick allows for an easier installation process. Although this doesn’t mean you have to settle for a boring layout! Creative patterns and design work is the best part of unique brick patios.

brick patios Massachusetts

Cataldo Landscape and Masonry know how both brick and blue stone patios in Newton, MA, can enhance your yard. Our team of experts can help to create a design using whichever material fits your style. We pride ourselves on creating a product that will not only last, but that will provide a hassle-free solution for years of memories for the homeowner.  For more information, give us a call at (781) 304-8900.