3 Ways Your Landscape is Hurting Your Home’s Value

Posted on May 30, 2016

Landscaping DesignMany of our clients are often considering the resell value of their property as they purchase, because building equity is an important part of homeownership. Though many improvements are saved for the interior of the home, the exterior and your landscape can greatly impact your value. Keeping up with your yard is essential to getting top dollar for your house, and here are three ways your landscaping could be hurting your home’s value.

It blocks your home from view. Having privacy with any home is great, but when you can’t spot the house through the too-large shrubs in your front lawn, this can cause a problem! This has less to do with overgrowth and more to do with choosing proportionally sized plants. Variation in plant sizes adds depth, but over planting or using too large of plants can obscure curb appeal.

Unmaintained. Mature landscape can have a mind of its own, but investing in pruning in Wellesley, MA tells others you take pride in your home because you take the time to properly landscape. These simple fixes, including mowing, raking, and shoveling, can improve your home’s value, even without any major landscape changes made.

Your walkway is dangerous. Potential homebuyers get a first impression of your home as they walk to the front door, and if your unstable walkway is crumbling under their feet, they might not want to even enter your home. A negative exterior can often become a representation of an entire home, and repairing your pathway can save you from lower offers.

There are even more ways to improve your home’s value through lawn care in Wellesley, MA, and Cataldo Landscape and Masonry knows all about it. Our services are extensive, and we have the expertise to help you create a great aesthetic for your home that can help with resell now or in the future. Give us a call today at (781) 304-8900.