If it’s time for a few trees in your yard to move locations, calling our team is the best option!

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During cold and flu season it is important to take extra measures to be healthy and avoid sickness. The same goes for trees in this season. In order to keep the trees in your yard “healthy,” it is important to prune them. Cataldo Landscape Inc. has all of the equipment to handle your pruning in […]

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It is officially December, which means Father Winter won’t be able to resist covering us with a thick blanket of snow at any moment. You need someone you can rely on to help dig you out of a situation like that. Cataldo Landscape Inc. is the best of Massachusetts landscapers because we work year-round to […]

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Why do we need landscapers in Boston? There are plenty of reasons. Homes in Boston tend to have smaller backyards. Hiring a landscaper from Cataldo Landscape Inc. gives you the opportunity to have someone help you utilize the small space that you have to benefit your needs. A landscaper can help turn a small backyard […]

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Have you ever looked at your hilly backyard and wished it were easier to host to parties or cookouts? Cataldo Landscape Inc. can make that dream possible! With our backhoe work out of Needham, MA we can help you layer your yard to make it more conducive to your needs. Our services can help you […]

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There are plenty of choices when it comes to finding landscapers in Massachusetts. But if you want quality and professionalism at reasonable prices, there is only one option. Only Cataldo Landscape Inc. has a reputation for wonderful service that has followed it for over three decades. Reputation We pride ourselves on our ability to provide […]

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Let’s face it; the price of property is crazy in the Boston area! However, it is one of the most desirable cities to live in the United States. With all its history and charm, people flock to Boston from all over the US, and the world. But no matter how big a piece of property […]

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Quite often in the landscaping profession, landscapers in Boston come to a property where the homeowner has done all of the landscape design themselves. While many homeowners have all good intentions and a green thumb, keeping everything they’ve planted alive and thriving, sometimes the landscape areas are just “too busy”. There is absolutely an art […]

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You may have recently purchased your first home, or maybe you have replaced your lawn, and are wondering how often to water your lawn so that it looks just as good as the neighbor’s. The team at Cataldo Landscaping can help you get it right, so they are not running around in circles wondering what […]

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Many of us have a love-hate relationship with our lawns, and the team at Cataldo Landscaping can start your lawn off right so that you can enjoy it and have a’ love only’ relationship with it! First off, many people do not like the lawn they have already established, and quite often, wish to tear […]