Landscaping design – not making it “too busy”

Posted on September 2, 2014

Landscapers in Boston from CataldoQuite often in the landscaping profession, landscapers in Boston come to a property where the homeowner has done all of the landscape design themselves. While many homeowners have all good intentions and a green thumb, keeping everything they’ve planted alive and thriving, sometimes the landscape areas are just “too busy”.

There is absolutely an art and science to landscaping design. Many of the technicians currently employed with Cataldo Landscaping have spent a lot of time and hard earned money going to school to learn this technique. As landscapers in Boston, we have found that many factors figure into proper landscaping design. Not only do you have to plant things that will grow well together and complement each other, but individual plants have different nutritional and watering needs.

Another thing to take a look at is maintenance. Some plants grow much quicker than others, and you don’t want those plants overtaking other existing plants. Pruning is an art form in itself, but many people just consider it ‘cutting back’ branches. If not done properly, you can severely retard the growth of the plant, or even kill it altogether. Our next subject: mulch. As decorative as mulch can be, it can be destructive also. When piling mulch against a tree trunk, it stresses stem tissues, which could lead to disease and insect infestations. Also, some mulches can alter the pH of your soil and be very detrimental to your landscape. The best thing you can do is contact your local landscapers in Boston, Cataldo Landscaping, at 781-304-8900. With one call to us, we can assess your property, and landscape it properly, if it isn’t already. There are 1 million things that figure into the landscaping of your property, and with our knowledge and expertise your lawn can be the talk of the town!