Fixing Your Backyard With Our Backhoes

Posted on October 31, 2014

Backhoe work in Needham MA from Cataldo LandscapingHave you ever looked at your hilly backyard and wished it were easier to host to parties or cookouts? Cataldo Landscape Inc. can make that dream possible! With our backhoe work out of Needham, MA we can help you layer your yard to make it more conducive to your needs.

Our services can help you build up walls to create flattened tiers using retaining walls so you can make the most of your hills. Our backhoe work from Needham, MA is the most effective way to guarantee the resilience of your yard. Imagine being able to use all of the land you own to its fullest potential. The flat areas will be able to accommodate tables, chairs, children’s swing sets, outdoor sheds, swimming pools and so much more.

Cataldo Landscape Inc. has a wide variety of options for stone materials that can be used to construct your walls and stairs. Our trained professionals will guide you to making the right decision for the job you want done. We will use our backhoes to level the land and prepare it for the stone walls and stairs.

If you need backhoe work near Needham, MA, call Cataldo Landscape Inc. and trust our professionals to turn your yard into the yard of your dreams. If you are interested in our backhoe work, give us a call at 617-630-5255. We can discuss your options and make sure that you are receiving the best service for your landscaping needs.