Watering schedule… When to do it!

Posted on August 29, 2014

Landscaping in MA from CataldoYou may have recently purchased your first home, or maybe you have replaced your lawn, and are wondering how often to water your lawn so that it looks just as good as the neighbor’s. The team at Cataldo Landscaping can help you get it right, so they are not running around in circles wondering what you doing wrong!

First off, landscaping in MA is never easy. The soil is still tough, and the weather is very unpredictable. If you’ve got a little dedication, we can get you through this! Two things to remember first off, is never turn your sprinklers on at night expecting to cool off your lawn, as night watering brings on a host of disease and mold. If you’ve ever noticed mushrooms growing on your lawn, it’s because it has received too much rain at night. Watering your lawn lightly during hot weather also damages your grass.

How much water should I give my lawn?

The best way to water your grass is a good thorough soaking so that the water gets all the way to the root system. This is best done in two waterings per week, spreading 1/2 inch of water per watering. We have found this is the optimum watering schedule for landscaping in MA.

When is the best time to water my lawn?

The best time to water most lawns is early in the morning. There is minimal wind, less sun so that your grass isn’t already heated up, and your lawn has all day to dry out so that it doesn’t build any mildew or fungus during the evening hours.

How do I know my lawn received enough water?

The best way to test to see if your water has reached the root system is to take a screwdriver and stick it into the ground. If it goes in 6 inches or more, you know you have watered the soil enough and the root system has been adequately soaked.

How do I know I’m watering my lawn evenly?

The easiest way to find it you are watering evenly is to put soup cans in various places around your lawn. After you are complete watering, check the levels in the cans. If all the cans are pretty even, you doing a good job!

Maintaining landscaping in MA can be a difficult task. If you find this task daunting, or just do not have the time to maintain this yourself, contact the team at Cataldo Landscaping. We offer maintenance programs to fit every budget. We can be reached at 781-304-8900.