Seed versus sod…

Posted on August 22, 2014

Landscaping in Massachusetts from CataldoMany of us have a love-hate relationship with our lawns, and the team at Cataldo Landscaping can start your lawn off right so that you can enjoy it and have a’ love only’ relationship with it!

First off, many people do not like the lawn they have already established, and quite often, wish to tear it out and start anew. But for landscaping in Massachusetts, what is the best way to go about this? Many people toss the idea back and forth whether they should put down seed and nurture it with fertilizer and water, or just put a little more physical effort in and lay down grass that is already started, called sod. If you’re battling with this question, we can help you out!

First off, there are pros and cons to each. Let’s take a look at the important points.

Starting out with seed:

  • The initial cost is much less when you start with seed. Putting down a good quality grass properly can keep a fair amount of money in your pocket.
  • A lawn will develop in its own environment, so once your seed germinates, it should thrive pretty well, provided that it is watered and maintained.
  • When it comes to seed, there is a huge selection from the species available. Whether you need sun, shade, or a mix, there is a cultivars blend for your specific management practices.

There are a few disadvantages with seed however. To establish a lawn, timing is very critical. The optimum time to seed is September when landscaping in Massachusetts, but April is also acceptable. The only problem with seeding in the spring is that weeds germinate at the same time. It also takes longer to get a dense lawn when you start with seed. Finally, it can be a fair amount of effort because you have to continuously weed while you are attempting to establish a new lawn.

Starting out with sod:

  • The first advantage to a sod lawn is that it can be put down during any time of the season.
  • It may be walked on immediately after being laid down, so you don’t have to worry about the kids trampling your new lawn.
  • It is basically weed free, so you don’t have to put up with the backbreaking work of weeding your new lawn.

But, there are disadvantages with this as well, including a higher initial cost. You’ll need plenty of water to start out, and if not laid in properly, the sod will shrink and weeds will fill in the seams. Finally, your choice of species is very limited when it comes to sod. If you are planning new landscaping in Massachusetts, contact Cataldo Landscaping for a headache-free experience. We can be reached at 781-304-8900.