Are You Choosing the Wrong Plants for Landscaping in Massachusetts?

Posted on June 23, 2013

Many people are eager to begin landscaping in Massachusetts as early as April/May. The spring is a great time for blossoming flowers. Landscapers in Massachusetts will try and get their flowers planted with the spring rains, so that they grow naturally in season. This shortened time frame leads to quick choices, rushed decisions, and mistakes that can ruin your landscape.

One of the most common mistakes is choosing the wrong plants. A lot of people choose incorrect species of plants when landscaping in Massachusetts.

Do not buy everything that you see!

Landscaping in MA requires the right plants.

Are you choosing the right plants for your landscaping in MA?

It can be tempting to want variety. Everyone wants variety in their garden nursery. If you purchase one of everything you see it won’t all agree. Overstuffing the soil in your garden could lead to plants jostling for space as they grow—this occurs both above ground and below. You don’t want your garden to be a cramped looking space. When landscaping in Massachusetts, spread things out and choose your plants selectively.

You don’t want large plants pushing small plants out of the picture.

Is it the right plant for landscaping in Massachusetts?

Have you considered whether or not the plant can live in the Massachusetts landscape? The soil to a plant is very important. Some soils do not contain the correct nutrients, and some climates do not agree with plants. Think about the seasons in Massachusetts before you make landscaping purchases. Even if the plant “doesn’t die” during the first summer, is it poised to grow back after a harsh winter?

Tropical plants may not be the best choice when landscaping in Massachusetts. It is hard enough to project the growth and health of a plant without adding hoops to jump through. Take time to do the research on seeding packets and find out what kinds of eco-systems the plants are accustomed.

Always pay attention to where you are planting the seeds. Just because the plant is a native species to the Massachusetts landscape doesn’t mean it can survive anywhere in the state (or in an area of water accumulation).

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