Are You Choosing the Wrong Plants for Your Massachusetts Landscaping?

Posted on December 16, 2022

Many people are eager to begin their Massachusetts landscaping as early as April and May. Spring is a great time for blossoming flowers, so why not, right? Many landscapers in Massachusetts try to get flowers planted with the spring rains, so that they grow naturally in season. However, this shortened time frame leads to quick choices, rushed decisions, and mistakes that can ruin your landscape.

One of the most common mistakes with landscaping is choosing the wrong plants. Here, our team from Cataldo Landscaping & Masonry takes a closer look and provides tips to ensure your garden is successful.

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Variety is the spice of life – in well designed spaces, of course.

Gardens look their best when variety is involved! However, purchasing one of everything you love will end in disaster. Overfilling the soil in your garden often leads to plants fighting for space as they grow (both above and below the ground’s surface). From overgrown gardens to those dying off because of a battle for nutrients and root space, proper spacing and species integration is a must.

Carefully designed and thought out gardens provide a balance that will last for years to come.

Understanding your hardiness zone.

Often, many commercial garden suppliers have plants that are not native to the New England area. Understanding the state hardiness zone map is key to understanding which plants will thrive in your garden. However, another key factor is the health of the soil in your yard. Knowing the soil conditions and nutritional requirements of the plant in question will help you decide on whether or not the species is a good fit. 

Take time to research the plants you are considering, and what type of ecosystem the plants require and thrive in.

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Massachusetts landscaping doesn’t need to be difficult. With a little knowledge and help from your trusted professionals at Cataldo Landscaping, you can sit back and enjoy the beauty for years to come! Contact the Cataldo team today at (617) 630-5255.

 It’s never too soon to start planning your spring garden!