Popular Plants for Winter Landscapes

Posted on December 13, 2019

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After the first snowfall, several New Englanders are ready for Spring to grace us with its presence. Although winter is a magical time for many, it’s one of the longest seasons here in New England. Thus, the term winter-blues was invented. However, your Natick landscaper can help beat the blues with the incorporation of a few hardy plants and shrubs that will provide color throughout the winter months. Here is a brief list of shrubs to consider adding to your landscape.



Probably one of the most common, holly bushes provide homeowners with a variety of benefits. The waxy, point leaves are durable to both predators and harsh weather. Although this sounds aggressive, the holly bush is often associated with Christmas. The dense bush of deep greens will stand out in any yard, even when covered in snow, with its brightly colored pops of red berries. Not only will the berries provide your yard color, but they’ll serve as food for the birds as well.

One important fact to know about a holly bush is that they’ll grow anywhere between 6 to 50 feet in height. Thus, it’s imperative to plan ahead when selecting a particular variety of the holly bush.



Another popular option for the zone 5 region is the boxwood. Although some people trim these bushes into a privacy hedge, others use them throughout the yard for color. A boxwood will keep it’s bright green leaves throughout the white season, providing variety to a blank landscape.



Even though these shrubs will drop their leaves come winter, the branches will provide you with the visual interest you’re looking for. The stem of a dogwood will turn a vibrant red during the winter months. Thus, combined with a holly bush and strategically placed, you can easily have bursts of red around your white yard.


Birch trees

If you’re looking for an element a bit more substantial than a bush, consider planting a few trees. White birch trees, for example, will provide visual interest throughout the entire year. Their beautiful white bark will pop in the summer while blending into your wintertime landscape.



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