Newton Landscaping: More Ways to Prepare for Next Year

Posted on December 29, 2023

Welcome back to our blog series on winter planning for vibrant summer landscapes. Now that you’ve envisioned your dream outdoor space and taken the initial steps, it’s time to transform those plans into reality. Updates to your Newton landscaping can completely transform your property and how you use your outdoor space.


Here’s how you can continue to prepare and care for your Newton landscaping this winter.


Pruning and Tree Care

Winter provides an excellent opportunity for pruning deciduous trees and shrubs, promoting healthy growth. We recommend removing dead or damaged branches and shaping plants during their dormant period, ensuring they flourish come spring. You are less likely to damage the plant if you prune while it is dormant.


Adding Mulch

Give your garden beds a winter coat by applying a layer of mulch. This simple yet effective task helps insulate the soil, retain moisture, and suppress weed growth. Mulching is a key element in maintaining a thriving landscape. As long as there is no snow in the ground, you can add mulch to your beds, even though we are a few weeks into winter.


Maintain Your Tools

Winter is the perfect time to ensure your gardening tools are in top-notch condition by cleaning and sharpening them. Well-maintained tools make landscaping tasks easier and more fun. By attending to gardening tool maintenance now, you can get straight to your projects as soon as the weather warms up.


Irrigation System Check

Take advantage of the winter lull to inspect your irrigation system. Looking for leaks, damaged components, or clogs. Addressing these issues now ensures a smoothly functioning system when it’s time to water your revived landscape. You should also be sure to drain your hoses so they don’t freeze and crack in the winter.


Wildlife-Friendly Landscaping

Consider adding wildlife-friendly elements to your outdoor space. Incorporate bird feeders, birdhouses, or plants that attract beneficial insects. Creating a harmonious environment for local wildlife brings more life and activity to your landscape.


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Cataldo Landscape & Masonry is ready to turn your winter plans into summer splendor. By taking the time to prepare over the winter, adding or upgrading your Newton landscaping can be an easy and enjoyable experience in the spring and summer.


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