Natick Landscaping: Should You Use Mulch?

Posted on August 25, 2023

As summer winds down and fall moves in, homeowners start to think about landscaping projects that they put off during the summer or will prepare their lawns for winter. There are many projects that you could take on, some more involved than others. One of the simpler projects you can take on is adding mulch to your landscaping. People like to add it to their Natick landscaping because they like the way it looks, but that’s not the only reason to mulch your lawn.


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Here are some benefits to adding mulch to your Natick landscaping.


Improve the Soil

Mulch has many benefits for the soil underneath. It helps to regulate the temperature and retain moisture in the soil. The mulch acts like a barrier, preventing the soil from becoming too hot and dry, especially during the summer months. It also helps to insulate the soil in the winter to keep it warmer, which creates a stable environment for plant roots.

Organic mulches also enrich the quality of the soil. As the organic matter breaks down, it releases nutrients into the soil. The structure of the soil also changes. The soil’s ability to hold water and air increases, which results in healthier plant roots.


Better Landscape Maintenance

Erosion is a problem that many homeowners deal with, especially in New England, where it is not uncommon for the landscape to be completely flat. Even a slight incline can make drainage and water flow tricky. Mulching areas of your property can help contain and direct water, preventing erosion. Adding mulch around trees and shrubs also makes mowing easier. Not only is there less grass to mow, but it is also easier to mow around those plants without damaging them.

Certain types of mulch, such as cedar or pine bark, contain natural compounds that can inhibit the growth of certain plant pathogens. These mulches can help you prevent diseases in your plants. Preventing these diseases is much easier than trying to get rid of them after they have taken hold.


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