Get Started on Your Massachusetts Landscape Today For a Gorgeous Yard Tomorrow!

Posted on June 26, 2013

The first day of summer falls on June 21st.

The first day of landscaping comes long before that.

Massachusetts landscaping should begin long before June 21st  if you want a vivid and confident yard to enjoy. If you get started today, you can have a nice looking yard for the duration of the summer!

Are you waiting longer than you should to get started on your Boston landscaping?

Remember that flowers and grass take weeks, not days, to grow. If you want to be out and enjoying your yard on the first day of summer, May is a crucial month to get into gear.

Here are a few things to keep in mind…

Massachusetts landscaping begins now!

Get started on your Massachusetts landscaping today!


Get your seeds in the ground as soon as possible. This goes for the entirety of your lawn, flowers, and other plants. Get those seeds planted near Memorial Day so they have a chance to grow fully.

Nobody wants to be the person telling people to “keep off the lawn” or to “not step on that part of the grass” when hosting company. You want your guests to be impressed with your landscape. Above all else, you want your friends and family to have a good time when they come over.


Once you have (hopefully) gotten all the proper seeding done in the ground, you will want to begin the watering process. “Do-it-yourself” landscapers in Boston have to water long before they expect to see a plush lawn.

*Watering is the most important maintenance technique for your lawn. If you are behind on watering, you are behind on every other facet of Massachusetts landscaping.


Trees and other large plants commit the owner beyond one summer. You want to have the foresight to understand exactly how that tree is going to grow. If you do not plan for large tree growth, you could end up paying for professional tree removal from Massachusetts landscapers. Nobody wants to have to surgically remove a tree from their property.

If you are interested in Massachusetts landscaping possibilities, feel free to call Cataldo Landscaping today to get started this summer!