Tips for Reseeding Bare Patches on Your Massachusetts Landscape

Posted on June 21, 2013

Late spring and early summer is the best time to grow to your lawn. If you want a vibrant green turf to enjoy throughout the summer, you’ll want to begin the seeding and planting during the heavy rains of May so that thick roots can set.

Massachusetts landscapes need balanced seeding…

Some landscapers in Massachusetts have a difficult time seeding their lawn evenly. It is a very hard task to measure if you’re eyeballing it. “Do-it-yourself” landscapers in Massachusetts often fall into the trap of over seeding in some portions and under seeding in other portions. It is all integral to three things.

  • Quality of the grass
  • How much sun those patches receive

    Your landscape in Massachusetts needs seeding

    Are you seeding your landscape in Massachusetts

  • Water exposure and watering schedule.

Bare patches

If you have bare patches in your Massachusetts landscape, it could be the result of many things. You will want to begin the seeding and fertilizer process in the early months of spring if you want to mow a healthy and full lawn. If you want to ensure a healthy and even seeding this spring, consult Massachusetts landscapers.

As Massachusetts Landscapers near Boston, we have a few suggestions to improve your lawn:


When you are trying to improve your lawn you’ll want to make sure you have the correct fertilizer. Not all fertilizers are created equal. Try not to get bogged down in the quality of the fertilizer—instead you will want to make sure that the fertilizer matches your Massachusetts landscape.

*A fertilizer is only as good as the landscape allows it to be. If your lawn can’t digest the brand of fertilizer, or the fertilizer wasn’t designed for lawns, it doesn’t matter how fancy or expensive it is.

Check to see if the fertilizer is mixed specifically for the use on home lawns. Lawn fertilizers have more nitrogen than other types of fertilizers. Make sure it agrees with the climate of your landscape in Massachusetts.

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