Reasons To Consider Bluestone Walkways

Posted on May 14, 2021

bluestone walkways


Bluestone is a popular choice when it comes to residential hardscape projects. Made from natural bluestone, it can instantly stylize and elevate the look and feel of any open space. Though, it can cost more than a standard concrete walkway. But with a total makeover of an area, it can be worth it! Cataldo Landscape and Masonry can transform the look of your home with the addition of bluestone walkways. Here are some reasons why you should consider bluestone.

Natural Look

The natural colors and textures of bluestone walkways can be a great addition to any home. Due to the natural look and feel of the rocks, its rough surface has natural slip resistance. The rustic look of bluestone will instantly add curb appeal and an increased value to your home!


Compared to a concrete walkway, bluestone walkways are durable in a variety of ways. It can handle temperatures in the extreme lows and highs! In the cold months, it won’t crack with frost heaves as the rocks can shift. Professionals can also reposition the stones if they need to be. For example, fixing underground pipes and electrical lines.


When it comes to choices, you’ve got plenty of options with bluestone. You have several different colors to choose from, as bluestone can range from yellows and browns to purples and blue-grays. Also, there a three standard finishes. Thermal bluestone is excellent for driveways, walkways, and outdoor paths. Honed finished bluestone is better for indoor use where you need a smooth finish. Lastly, natural cleft bluestone is your typical natural and rustic look. This finish does not have a uniform texture is inconsistent in the cut.


One of the best things about bluestone is that it’s used for more than just walkways. Here are other common uses of bluestone:

  • Garden paths
  • Patios
  • Front Door Landings
  • Waterscapes or Water Features

bluestone patio

Bluestone Walkways with Cataldo Landscaping

The experts at Cataldo Landscape and Masonry are ready to build a walkway with materials and a shape and style that complement the landscape and provide the most functionality. For precision, high-quality services you can trust, call (781) 304-8900 to begin crafting the backyard of your dreams.