Keeping Cool With Bluestone Patios

Posted on July 24, 2020
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As the summer chugs along, the heat index in New England has been a scorcher! Because of this, you may find yourself hiding in air conditioning. However, the summer season is short, and you can’t let the heat stop you from enjoying your summer. If the sun is out, it’s a perfect day to enjoy your outdoor living space and pool! But, we get it, enjoying time outdoors when the ground is hot, and the humidity brutal can be tough! Luckily, we have a few simple steps to ensure your bluestone patios are a fun and comfortable place to spend your summer days.


Keeping bluestone patios cool

Naturally, the ground absorbs and retains heat more than the air, but there are several ways you can keep the stone of your patio from radiating heat. Keeping bluestone cool to the touch can be as simple as pouring water across the surface routinely throughout the day. However, this process quickly becomes cumbersome and wasteful, so there are alternatives.

One alternative begins with selecting the right type of stone. Whether you’re partial to brick, bluestone, or granite, the lighter the color of your stone, the less heat it will retain. Bluestone patios are an excellent choice not only because of the lighter shades, but also the elegance and easy maintenance they require.


Creating shady locations

Creating shading retreats around your patio is a convenient way to stay cool while strutting your style. Whether you’re aesthetics call for awnings or umbrellas, this method is the perfect temporary fix. Furthermore, one of the most significant perks of using umbrellas is the luxury of easy movement and utilization.

However, if you’re looking for ways to incorporate your natural landscape, consider the use of trees and shrubs. With help from your local landscaping company, you can create a unique alternative that enhances your patio’s natural stone, while providing comfort from the sun’s hot rays.  


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Creature Comforts

Once you’ve achieved the ideal solution of keeping your patio cool with the perfect amount of shade, it’s time to consider creature comforts. For example, having a fan nearby will help keep the standing humidity at bay. Furthermore, ensuring you have a constant source of hydration is essential. Finally, consider decorating with lighter colored furniture and cushions created with materials that don’t retain heat.


Summer is a time of fun and sunshine. Don’t let your hot patio keep you from relaxing outside. If it’s time for a change, consider contacting our team at Cataldo Landscape and Masonry for information on bluestone patios. Providing luxury and durability, bluestone is the ideal stone for patios and walkways alike. While we’re at your home, our team would be happy to discuss natural landscaping options to enhance the beauty of your patio further.

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