Are Landscapers in Massachusetts Planting The Correct Way?

Posted on June 14, 2013

It happened last summer didn’t it? You got a head start on all of your landscaping in Massachusetts, did everything you should, but watched your plants grow into a slouching posture.

Lots of plants don’t grow properly.

Some plants don’t grow at all.

Have you seen plants dead in the ground around your Massachusetts landscape? There are a lot of variables that contribute to the failure of a plants growth—you don’t want to be one of them.

Boston landscaping needs you to plant well.

Take pride in your Boston landscaping!


Landscapers in Massachusetts like to do things themselves. Planting a crop of flower seems pretty straight forward, but it’s anything but simple. Here’s what you want to do when digging the hole.

  • Dig your hole before you uncover the roots of your original plant. You wouldn’t take a goldfish out of the bowl before filling its new tank. It is the same with landscaping in Massachusetts. You want the sensitive roots to be exposed for as little time as possible.


  • Keep the hole depth similar to the same depth the plant originally thrived in. If the plant was six inches in the pot soil before you plant it, you’ll want to plant it around six inches in the soil. You don’t want to bury your plants alive in your Massachusetts landscape.


Try to remember that all soil in your Massachusetts landscape is natural to the Earth. Plants grow all over the world without “artificial” enhancements. If you take good precautions with planting, the soil quality is usually not an issue.

  • Try to unearth rocks or other obstructions that would otherwise hinder plant growth. It is difficult for plants to root within a landscape’s soil if they are pressed against rocks. Imagine if you had a rock pressing against your arm your entire life, it would be hard to wake up and stretch in the morning.


  • If there are clumps of soil, break them up in your hand and sprinkle them loosely back into the hole. You will want loose and healthy soil to nourish your Massachusetts landscape. If the soil is too stiff to break apart, simply remove it from the hole you are planting in.


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