Winter Landscaping Tips

Posted on February 24, 2015

Landscapers in Boston from CataldoAs February draws to a close, the faint light of springtime begins to appear. Soon full trees and green grass will be a reality for New England, but there are chores to be done first. Here are a few tips from Cataldo Landscape Inc.’s landscapers in Boston to help make sure your yard is healthy.

–  Prune your trees to ensure proper growth and overall health. Removing dead or dying branches helps the tree focus water and nutrients on making healthy branches stronger. Trees that are okay to prune are Oak, Poplar, Ash, Mountain Ash and Willow trees. Try to avoid pruning Birch, Walnut and Maple trees until later in the spring when the sap is no longer flowing.

–  Check your Evergreen trees for evidence of mildew or dry rot. Since the trees are green year-round it can be difficult to immediately notice damage to the tree, but catching it early can prevent worse accidents later on. A weak tree is a dangerous tree.

–  Clean snow off of tree branches. The later into the winter it gets, the heavier the snow will become because of the warming temperatures. As we move closer to spring, make sure you shake the snow off of your tree branches. Heavy snow pulling down on branches can bend and weaken them.

–  Begin to plan your spring projects. The bare landscape will give you a better idea of how much land you have. Use this time to plan out your new yard before the trees and bushes bloom again. The sooner you develop a plan, the sooner our landscapers in Boston can step in and begin to work.

Call Cataldo Landscape Inc. to take care of your pruning and spring planning. We make it a priority to keep your backyard orderly. Trust our professional landscapers in Boston to clean, organize, design and build to meet your landscaping desires. Call us today at 781-304-8900 to schedule your appointment or to request a quote.