Why the Time to Aerate Your Lawn is Now

Posted on October 11, 2017

It’s no surprise that Needham, MA homeowners have started looking into their sod or seed installation options for the fall season. One of the many suggestions Jerry Cataldo makes to property owners regarding their landscaping is aerating and overseeding. Fall is the perfect time to invest in this service and here are three crucial reasons why:

It reduces thatch

Thatch is the layer of dead, organic roots, stems, and shoots that grew between the surface of the soil and the vegetation zones. This occurs when your lawn creates debris faster than it can be broken down. Reducing thatch can prevent holding onto excess water and limit the chance of pest, insect, and fungus problems.

It improves drainage

As mentioned, thatch is known for holding onto water, especially when we face a lot of rain. Aeration helps combat this problem and preps the ground for water. Not only does it help rid your yard of water faster, but it also allows for the water to more deeply penetrate into the roots of your grass. You will be grateful for this service when the snow starts to melt!

It loosens the soil

There are plenty of reasons of soil compaction can occur- from foot traffic to heavy equipment. Compacted soil restricts your grass’ roots, which will limit their chance of nutrient and water absorption. Aeration helps loosen your soil before the cold weather strikes and provides your grass a better chance to grow.

If you’ve found your yard is suffering from compaction, excessive thatch, and drainage problems, aeration and overseeing could be the perfect answer. This combination of services will help your grass through the winter and prepare it for superior growth in the spring.

With more questions about seasonal lawn maintenance and other projects before the winter hits, contact expert landscaper Jerry Cataldo today by calling (781) 304-8900.