When You Need a Stone Wall

Posted on July 11, 2017

Jerry and his team are creating stone walls in Wellesley, Newton, and across the greater Boston area every week. Great masonry work can really increase the value of your home, so we want to help you make the right investment for your property. Here are a few of the most popular reasons we receive calls for these features:

Manage drainage

There is quite a bit of planning that goes into a Cataldo stone wall design, including functional drainage solutions for homes that could face potential water damage. Retaining walls are also ideal for slowing the flow of rainwater and a great resource for your plants.

Control potential erosion

One of the largest reasons homeowners will invest in a stone wall is because of the protection it can provide against erosion. Retaining walls minimize erosion by decreasing the angle of the slope and preventing loose soil from being swept away.

Maximize functionality of land and yard space

Land with a steep slope can make areas of your property nearly impossible to use and maintain. A stone wall can allow you to create a flat surface above and below to use as flower beds, for grass, or whatever else you’d like.

Functional seating and aesthetics

Not all stone walls created by Cataldo Landscape and Masonry are for structure! Stone walls are also often utilized in backyards as a landscape design element that looks phenomenal and is also perfect for extra seating!

Fortunately, choosing the right masonry company to work with is easy when Jerry Cataldo and his team are around. With three generations of experience, we can help you design, build, and execute the perfect stone walls to protect and enhance your home.

With more questions about stone wall construction and how we can help you, please contact Jerry Cataldo today by calling (781) 304-8900.