What’s In Your Leaf Pile?

Posted on September 29, 2016

When you do your own landscaping in Needham and Weston, MA, you’ve probably found yourself raking up leaves in early fall. If you have kids, you might have created a pile for your little ones to play in, but do you know what is hiding in your leaves? Cataldo Landscape and Masonry wants you to know.

LandscapeOverwintering insects are those that have habits and survival strategies during the fall and winter months to find a location that will protect them from the seasonal changes. You might notice that these bugs have found their way into your home in the past, but they also will get quite comfortable in those leaves you have been raking together.

Earwigs. Not only can these bugs cause damage your plant and gardens, they also can give an unpleasant smell and have been known to “bite” or “pinch” people with their noticeable forceps that come out of the back of their bodies.

Stinkbugs. Just as you would expect, stinkbugs are those creatures we have all come to know simply by their smell. They are commonly found in homes during the fall and winter months, fly, and are relatively loud as they do so. Though they need to feed on trees to survive, you will find a slew of these bugs around your home if they make it inside.

Ticks. The constant battle against ticks in New England is no joke, and should always be taken seriously. From Lyme disease to Powassan, being infected by a tick can be devastating to you or your family’s health.

We’re all about having fun in our yards, but Cataldo always wants our customers to be aware of the risks associated with something as simple as playing in a pile of leaves. If your leaf piles keep growing and you’re just not sure how to keep up with your yard, we would love to be the landscaping company in Weston, MA to help with all of your seasonal needs. With more questions, call us today at (781) 304-8900.