What Stone is Best for You?

Posted on July 25, 2018

Geology is an interesting science because it tells you about the kind of world you live in. In essence, the world is just a giant rock flying through space. That one giant rock called Earth is made up of a bunch of different kinds of stones. Some stones are better for building and masonry purposes. For those looking to have masonry done to their yard, it’s best to know the different rocks to use and which one is best for your project. Here are four rocks commonly used in masonry.



Granite is an igneous rock typically used in the exterior cladding of buildings. Depending on its quartz content, granite can be lighter or darker in color. Basalt, also called black granite, is best for tabletops and countertops. Granite isn’t made for high tread areas like walkways or stone steps. However, due to its durability against water, pressure, and temperature, granite is great for most anything else.


Limestone is an interesting stone because it is made up of so many different materials. Made up of magnesium and calcium along with clay, sand and organic materials, limestone may contain traces of seashells and fossils. Limestone is a soft rock that is easy to shape, however it reacts to acids. Limestone wouldn’t be ideal for pool areas but would make a nice stone wall or walkway. It is high in calcium which also makes it good for your lawn.


In a chemical sense, marble is very similar to limestone. However, since it is a metamorphic rock, it is much stronger than limestone. Marble can range in color from pink to black, to the most common white. This makes it a highly decorative stone for masonry. Marble is a reliable and versatile stone. It is heat resistant and fire resistant. Most of the sculptures you see from the Ancient Greeks were carved in marble and they’ve lasted centuries without breaking down.


Sandstone is a sedimentary rock made up of quartz, calcium, silicon, and iron. Light colored sandstone is stronger because it is cemented by oxides of silicon. Meanwhile, darker sandstone is softer and cemented by oxides of iron. Sandstone is an incredibly durable stone which makes it perfect for outdoor masonry. Whether you need a walkway, patio, or steps to your house, sandstone is a good choice for the job.


Naturally, these aren’t the only four stones used in masonry. Travertine is another popular choice. Finding the best stone for your project is as simple as calling up the professionals. Call Cataldo Landscape and Masonry at 781-304-8900 or visit them online today.