Landscape Construction: Waterscape Edition

Posted on April 30, 2021

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As the number one team for landscape construction in Brookline, MA, and surrounding towns, waterscapes are keeping our team busy these days! Whether there’s a piece of your landscape that is bland and bothersome or unusable and unsightly, nothing compliments more than the addition of a fountain or pond. Not only is this addition a head-turner, but it also creates a relaxing ambiance with subtly flowing water.

Our landscaping team at Cataldo is ready to work alongside you in shaping the oasis of your dreams. Waterscapes are a standalone improvement to the aesthetic value of your yard, home value, and personal well-being.

Aesthetic appeal.  

Waterscapes are a wonderful addition to any landscape – especially when hosting friends and family. Personalized to custom fit seamlessly into the allotted space, angles flow naturally, bringing a serene vibe. Turning a bland piece of property into a gorgeous oasis that fits organically with natural harmony has never been more attainable!

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Increased home value.

In a world where real estate is booming, the addition of a beautiful waterscape can immensely increase the value of your home. Imagine the impression you will make on potential buyers when they see a point of unique tranquility embedded into the landscape. Such an item could be the tipping factor between your home and the others they’re considering.

Well-being created by ambiance.

If there’s one thing we as landscapers want to save you, it’s stress. The serenity of a pond or waterscape in your backyard can pay large dividends to stress management and overall well-being. Waterscapes are more than just another facet of your landscape; they’re places of escape from daily life and other triggers of stress. People from all over the world utilize waterscapes as places of reflection and meditation. Why not bring one to your landscape in the eastern Massachusetts area?

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If creating serenity outside of your backdoor is on your honey-do list; it’s time to give Cataldo Landscaping a call. As the number one company for landscape construction in Brookline, MA, and surrounding towns, our reputation surpasses that of the competition.

For precision, high-quality services you can trust call (781) 304-8900 to begin crafting the backyard of your dreams.