Bluestone Patios to Brick Walls: How to Choose the Ideal Material

Posted on May 29, 2020

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From bluestone patios in Dover, MA to stone walls in Newton, our team loves getting hands-on with stone! What’s not to love? The variety of textures and color, versatility, and unique features, there are so many aspects to consider when choosing the right material for your project.

However, with decades of experience, we also understand that these choices may seem overwhelming to those with less exposure to them. Choosing the right type of material for the project at hand is a big decision; we get it! That’s why we’re here to help you from start to finish, no matter what the project may be! In this article, we’re taking a look at some of the most commonly utilized stone.


Collected from the surface of fields and used in its natural form, fieldstone is a popular choice in New England. Although it’s generally heavily used for exterior walls, versatility for fieldstone is growing. From architectural garden features to stone walkways, the irregular size and texture make for a unique appearance.


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Named after the deep-blue stone first found in New York state, bluestone is extremely popular for patios and walkways. In fact, bluestone patios Dover, MA, are one of our most popular projects! Known for its strength and durability, bluestone is often cut into shaped slabs, allowing the material to fit perfectly in any landscape.


Cobblestone roads are often a symbol of history. However, this natural material based on cobble-sized stones has come to be used for so much more. Cobblestone is an excellent material for stone walls, especially where color variation and a historic feel are desired.



Possibly one of the most timeless masonry materials available, brick has many beneficial features. Used in a variety of hardscape projects, brick is known for its durability, strength, slip-resistance, integrity, and more. Furthermore, the flexibility and creative freedom one has in the patterns allows the brick to become a unique piece for walkways and patios alike.

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Similarly, pavers come in a variety of styles and materials, becoming a versatile solution for patios and walls. Made from a combination of concrete, pavers may be shaped into different patterns with a variation in color and size. Pavers allow for excellent drainage, slip-resistance, and provide relatively easy installation.

No matter which stone you choose, your home will look beautiful as soon as the installation is completed. Jerry and the Cataldo team would love to talk with you about the types of stone you can use for your next hardscape project. From bluestone patios in Dover, MA to stone walls in Newton, we’ll design a look that will wow you every time you step outside!

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