Top Trends for Landscaping in Newton

Posted on July 23, 2021

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Summertime is in full swing and with it comes outdoor backyard gatherings. We want to help make your backyard pop.  Cataldo Landscaping & Masonry is ready to transform your backyard with its professional landscaping in Newton. You and your guests will be wowed by the beauty of your backyard oasis. Here are 3 of the season’s most popular trends to inspire your backyard landscaping in the Newton area. 

Bring on the Blues

Blue has been the color of choice this season. Not only have homeowners been adding interior accent walls of navy or teal but the trend has continued to spread outdoors. The color is proven to make people feel a calmness and serenity adding to its visual and mental appeal. Additionally, when styling the outdoors there is an added emphasis on a more natural color pallet. The color blue blends in well while still adding a little eye-catching pop. 

Geometric Accents  

This ornate style trend is becoming increasingly popular among homeowners as well. Adding patterns such as basketweave or elaborate waves give the space a sense of abstract movement that stands out. This textured trend also includes branching out to use different materials as well such as porcelain for walkways and patios. Generally, these geometric shapes are just used as more of an accent element than the materials for the entire landscape design. 

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Cool and Contemporary

If sleek elegance is what you are looking for, this is the trend for you. By incorporating grays and a simple polished aesthetic. Oftentimes this design incorporates elements such as water features, outdoor kitchens, or contemporary fire pits. By including these elements, the space uses lines to bring elegance to its simplicity. This gives the space a modern feel that will be sure to impress your guests! 

Landscaping in Newton with Cataldo Landscaping

Our team of professionals at Cataldo Landscape and Masonry are well equipped to help you with all your needs when it comes to landscaping in Newton. Our team carefully considers your vision and helps to create a space that best represents you, both statistically and practically. 

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