Tips to Great Landscape Design

Posted on July 20, 2016

Landscaping DesignSpring is here and its time to start planning your summer landscape! For all you beginners out there, making decisions about landscaping in Weston, MA can be tricky if you’ve never done it before, but Cataldo knows you can do it!

Know what you need versus what you want. Landscape design can be so intricate and beautiful, but often times what we need and what we want don’t overlap. If you need a place for the kids to play, but want a screened in porch, you might have to decide between the two dependent upon your budget and space.

Know how the elements impact your yard. If you’re exposed to a lot of sun, water drains to a specific corner of your yard, or you have no protection against wind, these items will influence your design decisions. Whether you choose items that can withstand the way your yard currently functions or fixes the problem, these are importance notes to take.

Have a realistic budget. You should go into landscape design having an idea of what your budget will get you. Plants and other supplies can be expensive, and it adds up quick! Be sure your budget reflects your needs or vice versa. It’s often best to complete a few smaller projects than leave several large projects half completed.

Understand some basic principles of landscape design. This might take a little research, but knowing how textures and colors work together, the importance of scale, overcrowding, oversimplifying, and more are all aspects of landscape design that might be overlooked if you didn’t know they exist. When you look at landscapes you love, pull out some of these rules and understand why they work before trying to recreate them.

If you’re feeling a little out of your element with design, Cataldo Landscape and Masonry can help you create a landscape in Weston, MA that works great for your yard. It’s not every day you get to reconfigure the aesthetic of your home, and it should be a decision that you’re comfortable and confident in making. Give our experts and designers a call today at (781) 304-8900 to learn about your options.