Should You Shovel Your Driveway and Walkways?

Posted on November 15, 2019

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With winter creeping in, one thing is inevitable; the snow will come. And yes, snow removal is a must here in New England, but how you choose to tackle this chore is up to you! Here at Cataldo Landscaping, we provide snow plowing to Natick, MA, and surrounding towns to keep your life simple. However, if you’re one of those that like to tackle the snow on your own, here are a few tips from our expert team.


Take it slow

It’s reported that each year, that there are at least one hundred deaths related to shoveling. According to the American Heart Association, while most people have no issues with tackling snow removal, the task can put some at risk for a heart attack. Sudden exertion in a lifestyle that is not typically active puts strain on the heart. This fact is not only true for shoveling, but for pushing a snow blower as well. Consider the following major cities that are known for their vast amount of snow year:

  • Mount Washington, NH: average snowfall 260 inches
  • Syracuse, NY: average snowfall 124 inches
  • Boulder, CO: average snowfall 88 inches
  • Burlington, VT: average snowfall 81 inches
  • Worcester, MA: average snowfall 64 inches
  • Portland, ME: average snowfall 62 inches
  • Manchester, NH: average snowfall 55 inches


Now consider moving hundreds of pounds of potentially wet, heavy snow when your body may not be used to that type of activity. We think you get the big picture on this one.


Safety tips

Back issues are another area of significant concern when it comes to moving snow. Even if you’re in the best of shape, without the use of proper technique, you could pull or strain your back muscles. Below are a few ways to keep the task of shoveling as safe as possible.

  • Push the snow rather than lifting it; especially if it’s the heavy wet stuff
  • Lift with your legs, not your back to avoid potential strain
  • If you’re tired, take breaks! The snow isn’t going anywhere
  • Stretching before and after will help relieve muscle tension


snow plowing MA

If all this seems a bit too much of a task for your liking, consider giving the team at Cataldo Landscaping a call. We provide residential snow plowing in Natick, MA, and surrounding towns. Not only will our team plow your driveway, but we’ll also take care of your walkways as well. Why risk injury when we’re here for you? Contact us today at (781) 304-8900.