Tips for Shrub Transplanting in the Fall

Posted on August 28, 2017

From a distance, moving shrubs might seem like a simple task- but there’s so much more than goes into it! Cataldo Landscape & Masonry has helped our clients with various landscaping needs in Newton, MA and around the state, including shrub transplanting. Though the objective is to get your plant to its new location, the biggest concern you should have is preventing stress to ensure its continued life. Jerry and his team have a few tips and guidelines they follow while moving shrubs and he would love to share them with you!

1. Choose the right time of year to transplant

Though it is possible to move shrubs during the summer season, Jerry’s team will often suggest waiting for fall or early spring to transplant to increase the chances of survival. Times of the year when your shrubs are dormant will often cause less stress and allow for growth in the warmer months ahead.

2. Determine the best new location for your plant

Jerry will take into consideration the type of shrub he is moving and what environment they thrive most in. It’s important to determine how much exposure they will need and how often they will need to be watered to ensure a compatible location.

3. Understand the rootball and how to cater to it

There is more than goes into digging a hole than just a shovel, and Cataldo Landscape and Masonry understands why. It’s often suggested for the width of your new hole to be twice the size of the rootball but kept shallow to avoid sinking and rot.

4. Dig your new hole before digging up your shrub

Transplanting causes stress to the shrub no matter what, and leaving the roots exposed to the air for an extended period of time is not ideal for the plants’ health. Jerry’s team works in such a way to keep stress to a minimum, which includes pre-digging the new holes for shrubs, trees, and more.

5. Be gentle and water frequently

Again, stress is a significant factor in any transplant, and our crew knows how to work efficiently yet gently with shrubs to ensure their longevity. We can provide instructions after our transplants to homeowners that will help simplify the landscaping process to make our clients more comfortable with our services and the best ways to care for their lawns.

If you’re in need of some landscaping assistance, Cataldo Landscape & Masonry would be happy to help. With more questions, contact Jerry Cataldo today by calling (781) 304-8900.