Three Outdoor Masonry MA Projects to Improve Your Home

Posted on August 7, 2015

Masonry in MA from CataldoWhile summer is on its way out, there’s still time to undertake those outdoor projects that can lead to long term increases in value for your property. And when it comes to masonry in MA, you won’t find more accomplished masons and workers than the ones at Cataldo Landscape and Masonry. No matter the scope or scale of your project, our experts will help you find a solution that not only fits your yard’s character and aesthetic, but your budget too! Here are three outdoor hardscaping projects that Cataldo Landscape and Masonry can help you finish before the summer is over.

Stone Walls

Nothing brings New England character to a yard or home like an old-fashioned style stone wall. Originally a means for yankee farmers to separate their parcels of land from their neighbors’ fields, the venerable stone wall has become an icon of New England, and a fantastic addition to a property seeking an injection of rustic character into their landscaping. Our stone walls are built to your requirements, and can be tweaked and tuned to suit your home. Quality stone walls can be hard to find without experts in masonry in MA, but Cataldo Landscape and Masonry has you covered.

Bluestone Patios

Especially for those homeowners who want to spend more time admiring their yard on the outside instead of through a window, the addition of a bluestone patio can provide a great solution without breaking the bank. Bluestone can be cut to match the aesthetic of your home. If you desire clean, right angles, or ragged, natural looking cuts, our professional masons can find you the right balance of utility and beauty to match your home.

Address Markers and Driveway Posts

For small features, like address number markers or regal looking posts to delineate your driveway entrance, we can provide you with high quality masonry in MA. Especially for home owners that are looking to start with a smaller project before tackling a larger endeavor, an address marker can clean up the front elevation of any home or property, while providing something that looks better than a lone mailbox with a stick-on house number.

Unlock the potential of your yard with our expert masons and designers. Call Cataldo Landscape and Masonry today at 781-304-8900.