The Winter and Your Stone

Posted on October 24, 2018

As far as enduring materials go, stone is up there. Just look at the Pyramids of Egypt. They’re made from stone, and they’ve lasted hundreds of years with little sign of deterioration. Stone, especially the stones used in masonry, are meant to last a long time. One issue with masonry, however, is that it’s only as strong as the weather allows. The Pyramids of Egypt might not have lasted as long as they did if they were built in New England. Winters around here are no joke and can have a significant impact on landscape and masonry in Weston MA. Keep reading to find out how the winter affects masonry work around your home.

The Freeze/Thaw Cycle

In nature, there is this force called erosion. Erosion is the process in which the elements of nature wear away at surfaces until they are broken down. This process leads to the creation of mountains and valleys, so of course, it can affect the stones in your masonry. In the warmer months, water can seep into the minuscule cracks and spaces between your stonework. Once that water freezes, it expands. Like the water, it expands it puts pressure on your masonry that can break it apart. Even if your masonry doesn’t break, the cracks are sure to get bigger. The cycle of water freezing and thawing and refreezing is a death sentence to masonry.


Identifying Damage

Since the Freeze/Thaw cycle is so damaging to masonry, you need to know what to look for. The first sign of masonry damage will be cracks and chips in the brick or stone. These can become more prominent thanks to the Freeze/Thaw cycle. Other warning signs of stone damage can be missing mortar. Because mortar holds masonry together, missing parts can be dangerous. Other areas to watch out for are the crown and cap of your chimney. If you notice any masonry damage this winter, call your local landscape and masonry in Weston MA.

Don’t take any chances with your landscape and masonry in Weston MA this winter. Talk to the professionals to learn how you can prevent New England weather from damaging your property this winter. Contact Cataldo Landscaping and Masonry at 781-304-8900 or visit them online.