The Versatility of Masonry

Posted on August 1, 2018

What you can build with stones is nearly as endless as the different kind of stones you find on earth. Over the centuries, stone building has become a profession called masonry. Masons have the skill and technique to turn your run of the mill marble and sandstone into beautiful structures. You can use masonry to enhance the landscape of your yard or make it a more livable area. For masonry in MA, try Cataldo Landscape & Masonry. Here’s a little bit of what they can do.


Stone Walls

Cataldo has a dedication to customer service. Because of this, they help every customer choose the best building stones for their walls. Some of their popular choices include fieldstone and granite. They make sure whatever stone you want will compliment your property as a whole and not just the wall. No two stone walls are the same and the staff at Cataldo know this. They have experience building stone walls of any length or height. Whether you need a wall for decorative or structural purposes, they can help you with your project.


Putting down a patio in your yard or pool area can get tricky if you have an uneven landscape. Cataldo is prepared for this. Every patio they design is made specifically to fit each yard in the best way possible. Popular choices for patios and pool areas include granite, brick, and bluestone. They lay these on a foundation of gravel or concrete for stability and to prevent weeds. Cataldo also makes sure the patio blends into the yard in a clean, seamless look.


When it comes to walkways, there are two things to think about: design and functionality. You want to make sure your choice of stone and the shape of the walkway are best for your yard so it can complement the property as a whole. Aside from being a stunning part of the landscape, Cataldo ensures no weeds will sprout up and ruin the design by excavating the area mapped out for the walkway and laying down a layer of gravel or concrete to build on top of. This makes sure your walkway is beautiful and useful no matter if it’s made of bluestone, brick or pavers.

Landings and Steps

What is a walkway worth if it doesn’t have a nice set of steps or a beautiful landing at the end? Cataldo does this as well. With each set of steps designed specifically to the needs of your house, you know you’re being taken care of. Cataldo Landscape & Masonry consults with each of their customers to make sure the design is just what they want and they’re satisfied with their new yard.

There is so much a mason can do to the landscape of the yard. They make it a more livable and enjoyable area for the whole family. If you’re planning on any stone projects, contact Cataldo Landscape & Masonry today at 781-304-8900 or visit them online.