The Right Tools for the Job in Massachusetts Landscaping

Posted on June 29, 2015

Massachusetts landscaping from CataldoOur experts at Cataldo Landscaping have been in the business of maintaining, improving, and designing gorgeous Massachusetts landscaping for three generations. In that time, we’ve picked up a few tips on ensuring your yard, garden, and lawn remain as beautiful as possible, whether you utilize our expert services or not. Especially if we help you improve your landscape, we want you to be equipped to take care of the work we do well after we’ve finished the job. Below are a few tools that every DIY landscaper should be familiar with.

Handheld Pruning Shears

Veteran gardeners should be no stranger this this old standby of Massachusetts landscaping. The venerable pruning shears have a variety of uses, from deadheading perennials and annuals to removing nuisance branches from shrubs. Handheld shears are ideal for quick cuts around the yard. They should always be kept in a cool, dry place, and should be disassembled and sharpened as soon as they start making ragged cuts.


For the jobs too big for your smaller pruning shears, you have loppers. Available in a variety of sizes, loppers are made to have the leverage for removing larger limbs and even young saplings that might be crowding parts of your yard. Much like pruning shears, loppers are only as good as their blades are sharp. Ragged cuts can wreak havoc on plants you’re trying to preserve, so make sure you grip your loppers correctly when using them and that they are rust-free and sharpened.

Pole Pruner

Not every job around your yard is going to be within reach, and not everyone has a ladder available to them. For these tricky jobs in Massachusetts landscaping, you have the pole pruner. Manual pruners are long poles that often telescope out to almost double their length to help you reach tree branches or shrub limbs well outside of your reach. Make sure when storing your pole pruner that you’re careful not to tangle the long operating rope, and that the moving components on the pruner are lubricated with the appropriate lubricant.

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