The Importance of Aeration

Posted on September 16, 2022

Your lawn is an identifier of your home. Because a lawn is the first thing a person sees about a house, keeping your yard looking green is essential. One way to keep your grass green is to aerate your lawn. Aeration is the process of punching holes into the ground and removing plugs of soil. You can’t just poke holes in the ground and hope for the best. The plugs of earth have to be removed for the process to work as it should. Just ask your landscapers in Boston. 

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Here are the most convincing arguments to aerate your lawn once to twice a year. 


Water Dependency

It’s well-known that your lawn requires water to stay at peak performance. Of course, how often you water your yard depends on your climate. In New England, you can only water your lawn as needed. One fact that isn’t as well known is that by aerating your lawn, you won’t have to water as frequently as you did before.


Strong Roots

When you aerate your lawn, you give the roots of your grass the ability to grow deeper. By roots growing deeper, you give your lawn a sturdier base to grow from. It won’t take long. Check the spots where you removed plugs of dirt. In only a few weeks, you’ll be able to see the roots using that space to grow into the earth.


Thicker Lawn

Stronger roots allow your lawn to grow much thicker than weak roots. Thicker grass lessens your chance of bald patches. Lush grass will also absorb more sunlight which it needs to grow. Aeration creates a cycle of a greener, healthier lawn.

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Benefits the Soil

There is a bevy of soil benefits to aerating your lawn. Aeration reduces compaction in the soil, which prevents compaction on the roots. Another advantage for your soil is the natural increase of organic material. Now that your lawn is getting more oxygen and sunlight, organic materials are building in your soil.


Reduces Runoff

Runoff is water filtering out of your lawn and carrying bits of soil and nutrients with it. When you aerate your lawn, you’re giving your soil the ability to breathe – decreasing the runoff from your yard. Runoff has been known to strip lands of their ability to grow. Be sure to talk to your landscapers in Boston about other ways to reduce runoff.


Your lawn needs help to stay green and look lush. The importance of aeration can’t be understated. Just ask your local landscapers in Boston. For lawn maintenance and masonry near you, contact Cataldo Landscaping and Masonry at 708-304-8900.