Start the Fall Fresh

Posted on September 19, 2018

The summer here in New England is finally over. It had a nice run with some beautiful weather, but the temperature is starting to drop. Along with colder weather, the end of summer means you can’t ignore your lawn anymore. This is the vital time of year between the summer heat and winter chill where lawn care is of the essence. Chances are your summer saw so many adventures that you let your lawn care fall to the bottom of your to-do list. When that happens, feel free to call your local landscaper in Needham. Now that its fall, here are a few summer cleanup tips.

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Lawn Care

Your yard is made up of plenty of features, but your lawn is the most precious. The look of your lawn is going to be what people first see. Fall isn’t only the time to repair any summertime negligence but also prepare for the winter. It’s vital you keep mowing and filling in brown spots during the fall. Otherwise, your grass will only wither under the snow this winter. Aerating and fertilizing your lawn will help too. For lawn care advice and maintenance contact a landscaper in Needham.

Walkway Maintenance

The number one spot in your yard you probably overlooked is your walkway. Most people forget to keep up walkway maintenance during the summer. Weeds can sprout up and grow in the spaces between stones. Frequently, cracks will form. Be sure to give your walkway a little tender love and care to lead into the cold weather. If you need a new walkway altogether, consider finding a mason near you.

Garden Care

Your garden isn’t as easy on the eyes by the end of the summer. Much like your lawn, there are probably some spots that aren’t as full as they once were. Of course, the weeds that plague your walkway snuck into your garden too. Getting your garden weeded and groomed will make your yard look ten times better this fall. Now would be an excellent time to plant some bulbs as well. That way you’ll have fresh bulbs sprouting in the spring.

With summer now behind us, it’s time to look ahead. You can’t look forward if your lawn isn’t looking it’s best. Talk to a landscaper in Needham for summer cleanup in your yard. Contact Cataldo Landscaping and Masonry at 781.304.8900 or visit them online.