Spring Planting: What You Need to Know

Posted on May 17, 2019

landscapers BostonWe’ve all heard the term curb-appeal, and perhaps your home needs some.  If so, now is the perfect time in New England to plant many species of trees and shrubs.  Beyond curb-appeal, landscape design provides an array of several other beneficial features.  However, there are many essential pieces of knowledge you need before you begin digging.  If you are a do-it-yourself type of person versus hiring landscapers in Boston, the experts at Cataldo Landscape have created this helpful overview to help you get started on your spring planting.


Plant Species

Not all humans are created alike, and neither are plants.  Although your eye may be attracted to a particular shrub for its aesthetic qualities, it may not be the best fit for your yard.  Each shrub and tree has its requirements.  For instance, sun and shade are two elements which will differ between plants.  While some plants may require full sun for the majority of the day, some may need full shade.  Likewise, there are several species of plants that require part sun and part shade.  Further complicating the issue at hand, part sun may reference the warmer afternoon sun, while part shade requires the cooler rays that the morning sun provides.  Consulting with a plant specialist is always recommended if you’re uncertain about which plants will do best in your environment.

Knowing Your Zone

Plant hardiness zones are a huge part of choosing the proper foliage for your yard.  New England mainly falls into zone 6.  Zones are defined by the areas temperature range of heat and cold.  Thus, plants are then categorized into the appropriate zones for best survival.  For instance, if you’ve ever traveled to a tropical destination, you’ve probably noticed their outdoor landscaping is much different than that of New England.  From aloe plants to palm trees, hibiscus to cactus, the variety of warmer zoned plant species would never survive in the New England region.

Landscape Design

Now that you’ve researched your zone and chosen the proper trees and shrubs to plant, it’s time to design.  Landscape design provides many features from maintaining structure, cleaning up borders, and creating defined property edges.  When properly executed, a well-designed property will add depth and characteristic to your home.  You can further add flowering elements to help enhance the beauty of your property. Landscape design can also be an excellent way to create privacy if you’re home is in an open area.


Perhaps all of this seems a bit overwhelming. If so, by contacting your local landscapers in Boston, such as Cataldo Landscape and Masonry, you can be sure that the proper species are added to your landscaping.  With three generations of excellence and knowledge, the team at Cataldo can make spring planting a successful, and useful, task.  Visit Cataldo online today to see the vast array of services they provide or call them at (781) 304-8900.