Spring Cleanup 101

Posted on April 5, 2019

landscaping NeedhamThe much-anticipated snowmelt will soon begin in New England.  Sunny days and backyard barbeques mean yard preparations for the homeowner.  Spring cleanup could mean an hour or an entire weekend. Let’s face it, who has time to dedicate a weekend to picking up branches and edging flower beds? Landscaping in Needham MA can be timeless when left to the professionals at Cataldo Landscape & Masonry.

Grass Care

Now that the snow has melted, your front yard is filled with piles of salt and sand from the winter trucks.  Raking through the salt will ensure a fresh start for your lawn.  New growth can be limited not only from winter remains but by dried matted patches.  Snow Mold is a disease that can occur if these patches are not removed.  This is also an excellent time for aeration, liming, and seeding heavy traffic areas.  The removal of dead leaves in the Spring shows rodent damage more than any other time of year.  Getting pests out of the way early in the season saves headaches later on.

Garden Beds

Beautiful flowers and fresh vegetables will soon be here.  Early spring when the chance of frost is gone, is the best time to remove old debris and cut back dead growth.  The proper preparation will ensure a season full of desired results.  Edging is also more straightforward in the spring before growth begins and you are climbing through branches.  Bare soil makes room for new nutrients to be added for the upcoming garden.  Turning soil and pulling weeds wakens spring perennials and encourages growth.

Trees and Shrubs

Before new growth begins its best to trim your shrubs in the Spring.  A newly pruned shrub not only produces curb appeal but will encourage new growth for the upcoming season.  Removal of dead or excessive branches ensures proper growth.  This is also the perfect time of year to correct growth in branches that may be going awry.  Maybe you have fruit trees; pruning encourages your tree to produce a bigger crop.  Sometimes we all need a little start to get going!


Whatever your yard work entails, the professionals at Cataldo Landscape & Masonry are there to help.  From cleanup to weeding we’ll have your yard looking beautiful in no time.  Keep your weekends free and call Cataldo for your landscaping in Needham, MA (781) 304-8900.