Spotting Invasive Species In Your Yard

Posted on July 14, 2015

Landscapers in MA from CataldoNow that summer in in full swing and your yard is chock full of plants in bloom, you might have noticed a few uninvited guests sprouting across your landscape. Every homeowner needs to be vigilant about the plants that might be growing among their often costly tree, shrubs, and flower beds. Because we’re some of the foremost landscapers in MA, our experts have assembled a list of potential problem plants that can help you keep your own yard free from pest species. Here are a few plants you certainly want to avoid watering and fertilizing!

Norway Maple (Acer platanoides)

Not all pests are just weeds or thorny bushes, as shown by the Norway Maple. When fully mature, this species can reach 60 feet high and have a large, sprawling canopy. The Norway Maple is considered an invasive species because it competes directly with native sugar maple trees. Its tolerance to shade and ability to disperse many seeds that crowd out native plants make it a threat.

Mile-a-minute vine (Polygonum perfoliatum)

This weed’s other nick name of “Devil’s tail” should give you an idea of what landscapers in MA are dealing with when they talk about this plant. This monstrosity can grow up to six inches a day, sports sharp barbs, and smothers any helpless plant it comes across, choking them out and stopping photosynthesis. Left unattended, minute-a-mile vine can run rampant, forming a dense mat over a wide area.

Burning Bush (Euonymus alatus)

This fiery looking shrub proves that homeowners and landscapers in MA should never judge a book by its cover. Burning Bush originated in northeast Asia and has since been brought over by growers. Unfortunately, this plant has no known competition in New England, and propagates far and wide. They can often grow out of control and, if planted to close to a house or foundation, can damage homes if not taken care of. Burning bush is illegal to sell in New England, and should be avoided, even if many find its fiery foliage easy on the eyes.

If you’ve spotted any of these species in your yard, don’t wait another minute. Call Cataldo Landscaping today for an on-site inspection. Call us today at (781) 304-8900.