Sod Installation vs. Seeding Your Lawn

Posted on June 14, 2019

sod installation Newton

Seed and sod are both great options for homeowners looking to improve their landscape.  However, knowing the difference and what to expect is an essential step when choosing between the two.  Sod installation in Newton and surrounding areas is much different than seeding a lawn.  This article will highlight the benefits and differences between the two methods.


Time of Year

When it comes to seeding a lawn, timing matters.  The first step is to know your grass type; cold weather or warm weather seeds.  From there, you can decide which season will produce your optimal results.  Whatever the case may be, your window is within a few weeks as the ground temperature needs to be within a specific range.

Unlike seed, sod can be laid down during a broader timeframe of the year.  Although the ground temperature is still a factor, the window of planting is much greater than that of seeding.  The more significant concern when laying sod is making sure you’re not in the dead of summer or nearing frost season.

Time Alloted

If you’re like most New Englanders and short on time, consider sod.  Although the size of the area being treated will ultimately determine the installation time; most sod can be laid down within a few hours.  On the other hand, if you opt for seeding your lawn, plan on a labor-intensive project.  Once your lawn is seeded, maintenance is vital for the healthy development of grass.  For instance, daily watering will be needed during the morning and evening hours to ensure your seed does not dry out.  During this stage, it is also advised that the area remain clear of traffic.  Further, applications of fertilizer and weed preventatives will be needed to create strong roots.

Results You Can See

Cleary if you choose to plant grass seed, you can expect to look at bare soil for quite some time.  However, once the seed sprouts, you will have sparse tiny green blades beginning to cover the ground.  From there, your lawn will start to fill into the plush green blanket you had in mind.  However, by laying sod, you will have the immediate results of a plush, usable lawn.  Not only will you have the immediate results, but you can be sure the grass is healthy.  Sod is generally grown by professionals who use optimum soil filled with the needed nutrients to create a strong base.  Further, the grass is grown within close proximity to one another, ensuring the plush green carpet you hoped for.


Whatever your preference may be, hiring a professional for seed or sod installation in Newton and surrounding areas has never been an easier choice.  Cataldo Landscaping & Masonry will take the time to prepare your lawn base for future success.  For more information, visit Cataldo online, or contact them at (781) 304-8900.