Small Yard Landscaping Ideas

Posted on July 8, 2022

Often when we are thinking of landscaping, we envision yards filled with lush green grass, scrolling landscapes, and endless places to lay and read a good book.  However, this is not a reality for most homeowners.  In fact, small spaces are more common these days than those big luxurious yards.  However, having a small space to work with doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice design.  At Cataldo Landscaping and Masonry, we take pride in offering all of our customers top landscaping in Weston and surrounding areas.  Here are just a few tips we have to maximize a small yard:

Create Zones

Although this tip may seem impossible, we promise it’s not! With the right planning, you can make your yard appear larger then it is by creating sections.  With the use of stone or wood walkways, you can guide your guests through the yard to a patio with cushioned chairs, or a section with tall grass, wooden chairs, and a firepit.  Different furniture groupings, in combination with ideal landscaping, can create an attractive and restful atmosphere.

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Boost Interest

Sometimes the best idea for small yards is to mix things up.  With elements such as hardscapes, container plants, outdoor furniture, and firepits or outdoor barbeque areas, you can create visual interest.  With the use of color, you can create a dramatic, or soft whimsical look and feel for your guests.  Thus, they’ll hardly notice the size of your yard because they’re focused on the surroundings.  However, it’s imperative not to overdo it.  Crowding can work in the opposite direction of your intentions.


Plant in the Right Direction

What exactly does this mean? If your yard is small, planting vertically instead of horizontally should be a rule of thumb.  With tall trees and shrubs, you’ll create the luxurious atmosphere you desire with the least amount of space being utilized.  As the shrubs grow, they’ll continue growing upwards instead of taking over valuable lawn space.  Arborvitaes and hydrangeas are just a few mentionables here.  However, the possibilities are endless.

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If you have limited space, and are looking to maximize your yard with landscaping in Weston, MA or surrounding areas, call Cataldo Landscaping.  Experts in the industry, the professionals at Cataldo Landscaping can help make your backyard dream space a reality.  Limited only by your imagination, we are here to help!

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