Seamless Pool Integration

Posted on January 18, 2018

Do you want a pool in your yard? You could just get an above-ground pool and set it on the lawn, but you probably want something that looks nicer than that. Read on to learn how you can design your yard to include a pool with seamless integration.

This sort of design can be tricky for those who aren’t experienced in landscape design. Your first step should be consulting with a landscaping professional, such as Cataldo Landscaping, for assistance with creating a functional and impressive landscape. We’ll be able to seamlessly integrate your pool while still making your yard feel uniquely yours.

Begin designing by thinking about what’s most difficult to change. The architecture of your home will reflect on how your pool and landscape look to passerby, so consider incorporating some of those architectural elements to tie everything together. From there, think about what kind of pool you’d like. For example, a chic unusual pool shape will look like it fits with a modern home, while a traditional oval pool will look like it belongs to a typical suburban home.

Consider the pool surroundings. Do you want the pool to look like an artificial or natural body of water? You could incorporate pool toys or a diving board nearby, or you could disguise the edges of the pool with a rock wall. A zero entry pool will make you feel like you’re at a natural beach.

You should also think about what the area will look like when the pool is not in use. To keep your pool clean, you’ll have to cover it at some times of the year. You have choices of different pool covers, so you can find one that blends well with your yard. You can also consider what else is in your yard besides the pool. If the pool is not in use, is there room for family or friends to gather, or children to play? Think about what you want from your yard before creating any landscape design.

Contact Cataldo Landscaping today for help designing your perfect yard. We can help you make sure your pool is an integral part of the design.