Ready or Not, It’s Time To Start Winterizing Your Lawn

Posted on August 30, 2019

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Although summer days still upon us, they are drawing to a close sooner than many of us would like.  Preparing your lawn for winter is a crucial step to guaranteeing your hard work of this season returns next spring.  With a few easy at-home steps, you can ensure a thick, lush, green lawn next spring.  Providing premier landscaping in MA, Cataldo Landscaping has created this helpful article to get your yard ready for the upcoming New England winter.


Choosing a Fertilizer

A year-round process, fertilizing your grass is a step that should never be overlooked.  However, choosing the proper fertilizer for the season at hand is key.  With a large variety of choices available to the consumer, choosing the wrong type could easily happen.  When looking to winterize your MA landscaping, look for a winter lawn fertilizer.  This type of treatment will be heavy on potassium, which strengthens the root system.  A healthy root system will help to assist in the survival of your grass during the winter months.  Furthermore, a good fertilizer will help to maintain the greenness of your lawn throughout the fall.


When Should You Apply Fertilizer?

In New England, fall is the perfect time to winterize your lawn.  With a natural process of preparing for winter underway, plants and grasses are more apt to respond to treatments.  With colder air and shorter days, grass begins moving its food reserves from its leaves to its roots.  The root system will remain active throughout months, so providing healthy, nutrient-rich soil is a crucial step.


The Extras

Now that you know the number one step to winterizing your lawn, here are a few other items that can assist in maintenance.

Mow.  When preparing for the last mowing of the season, we recommend lifting the blade just a bit higher.  A mere half-inch will help encourage root growth. Be sure to mow over, or rake away, any fallen leaves to eliminate mold growth and insect habitats.

Aerate.  Often, soil and dead grass can become compacted, creating a barrier between the fertilizer and roots.  By aerating before applying your winter fertilizer, you create a clear path for the nutrients to reach the root system. 

Reseed.  With a newly aerated yard, fall is also the perfect time to fix any patchy or bare areas in your lawn. 

Weed.  Be sure to keep up with weeding until the ground freezes over.  By nourishing your soil, you’re also providing unwanted weeds a method of survival.


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