Preparing Your Lawn for Spring

Posted on April 10, 2016

Massachusetts landscaping from CataldoWorking as a lawn care specialist in Wellesley, MA has meant we have saved even the most damaged lawns in our three generations of work. Cataldo Landscaping and Masonry knows how harsh our New England winters can be, and how they can wreak havoc on our lawns. We know how often New Englanders love to do their own yard work, and we have a few suggestions to prepare your yard for the spring and make way for an easy transition into summer.


Remove debris. No matter how many times we rake and prepare before winter hits, there is often plenty of debris from wind and other elements left in our yard once the snow begins to melt. Cleaning our lawns of these pieces prevents mold, insect infestation, and disease.


Aerate your soil. Aerating dense, compacted soil caused by the cold, dry winter months can be difficult for new grass to grow. Aerating your soil gives it new life and aids in the process of growing healthy grass for the summer months.


Proactively fight weeds. If year after year, your yard is often covered with a common weed, you should consider laying down repellent specific to your needs. This can aid in prevention before the air becomes warm enough for weeds to develop and grow.


Fertilize. Fertilizer not only creates insulation for your plants and trees that enable each to progress growth, it provides the nutrients your lawn has been without all winter and aids in its strength during the months ahead.


Reseed. We’ve talked about the damage caused by salt and snow in the past, and it’s just another aspect of New England winters we must endure. When the weather allows for appropriate grass growth, reseeding can help improve the look of your lawn in only a few short months.


If you have questions about preparing your lawn for winter months, or just need some extra help with your lawn care in Wellesley, MA, get in contact with us at Cataldo Landscape and Masonry. We’re here to help you through every season to ensure your lawn is beautiful and healthy. Call us today at (781) 304-8900.