Preparing Your Landscape For A Cold New England Winter

Posted on October 1, 2021



As we get deeper into the fall season, the time is closing in for winter lawn and garden preparations. Although what grows in your landscape design decides on the precise preparation requirements, there are a few basics to get you on the way. 


Our experts at Cataldo Landscaping have created this helpful list to get you started.   


You know that mulching you’ve put off? Now’s the time.

Contrary to popular belief, mulching is not just a springtime task. If you never got around to mulching this season, now is the time! Because of the heavy frosts and New England ground freezing, mulching should never be overlooked as a thick layer helps protect your strenuous landscaping efforts.  

Sure, no one looks forward to the task. However, “mulch” isn’t just the traditional wood that many of us think of. Chopped leaves and straw also provide ample protection to your vegetation throughout the winter. If you have nearby trees that have dropped leaves, that may be all of the protection your plants need for the months ahead. 

Regardless of the resource you chose, before mulching, cutting your perennials back is another crucial step. By doing so, you can help remove any lingering pests or diseases. While many assume these things disappear during the winter, many unwanted ailments thrive. Plus, this step makes your spring garden tasks more manageable, with a clean look already in place!


Extending the life of annual displays.

Let’s face it; your annuals are a source of pride and joy. Bringing beauty to areas that would otherwise be dull and boring, getting the most out of your hard work is a must. To do this, extending the life of your annuals requires frequent watering until the frost kills them off – an often overlooked task. Further measures include laying garden fabric to protect plants from frost and bringing easily moved containers indoors on chilly nights.  

The rule of thumb is that annual plants should be protected if the nightly temperature falls below 40 degrees. Once the daytime temperature drops below 40, there is no longer the need to bring them indoors. As depressing as this time may be, remember, there is always next year!


Tree and shrub care

Just like your gardens, it’s essential to keep trees and shrubs watered until the ground freezes. However, if the fall has proven to be a rainy season, this step is not imperative.  

Once the ground freezes, cover the base of your tree with organic protection, such as chopped leaves (similar to the mulching method above). If your trees or shrubs are young, covering or wrapping in burlap can help them through the bitter days ahead.


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When it comes to caring for your landscape, the minor details make a difference. At Cataldo Landscaping, our team of experienced and dedicated professionals are here to help! For more information, contact Cataldo today by calling (781) 762-7080.