Prepare Your Lawn For Spring

Posted on March 31, 2015

Lawn care in Needham MA from CataldoSpring has sprung and while the piles of snow might be putting a hold on Spring landscaping, that doesn’t mean you can’t anticipate warm weather. There are a few things you can do to prepare for your lawn care in Needham, MA.

First, you can inspect all of your trees and shrubs. After all of the heavy snow, there may be broken branches or standing water around the base of a few trees. This is the ideal time to decide if you can prune the tree or if it is too far gone, in which case you should have it removed. Cataldo Landscape Inc. can tackle both of those jobs for you, should you need them taken care of.

Next, you can consider planting new trees or shrubs. Now is the time to plan out your new yard, especially if you ended up removing a tree after the rough winter. Map out where you will want the new plants to go and if the area is clear, go ahead and plant the tree. This is not always an easy task. If you need help, call the professionals at Cataldo Landscape Inc. We can assist the planting process and even help you determine which trees and plants will thrive best in your yard.

If the snow is cleared from the bottom of your trees and shrubs, you can begin to mulch your yard. Laying mulch around the base of plants helps secure the moisture and other organic nutrients that trees and plants need to survive. Spreading mulch also helps choke out invasive weeds, which further protects your plants.

Lastly, you can begin to fertilize the soil so prepare your existing trees and shrubs for the warm seasons and to ready the earth for new plants you plan on growing. Where mulching helps protect nutrients that are already in the soil, fertilizer adds nutrients and protects from damaging diseases. Taking these initial steps with Cataldo Landscape Inc. will help ensure that you have the best lawn care in Needham, MA.

To prepare your yard with Cataldo Landscape Inc.’s lawn care in Needham, MA, call 1-781-304-8900. You can request a quote or schedule an appointment with one of our highly trained crews. A beautiful lawn is only a phone call away.