Prepare Your Landscape for Winter

Posted on September 20, 2016

The best offense is a great defense and there are many ways to help prepare your landscape for winter. Though you might think that you can just clean up your gardens in the spring, there are many benefits for getting the work done early! Cataldo has been helping our clients with seasonal lawn care in Wellesley, MA for long enough to know that the extra time spent on it now will let you enjoy it in the spring that much more.

Garden Design Boston MARemove the leaves. Leaves act as insulation when left untouched, which can cause moisture even in the colder fall days. Getting rid of the leaves help you avoid possible bug or fungal problems and allows your grass to breathe.

Cut back perennials. Not only is cutting back brown, dead perennial heads beneficial for certain flowers for blooming purposes in the spring, you can also use the seed to reuse and replant down the road.

Remove dead brush/branches/trees. Just as removing leaves helps allow your landscape to breathe, it saves you the trouble it will cause in the spring. It is also a great safety precaution against brush fires and possibly dangerous trees and branches referred to as “widow-makers”

Dig up summer bulbs. Whether you plan on keeping your plants for the next season or getting rid of them completely, it is often best to do it while your ground is still relatively soft and will make your spring planting much easier.

Mulch your gardens. Mulching your existing plants provides an additional layer of insulation for the colder months ahead, which protects them from the chance of dying. Not to mention, it adds create curb appeal to your home before the snow comes.

If you’re in need of a landscaper near Boston to help with your seasonal lawn care needs, get in touch with us at Cataldo Landscape and Masonry. We’d love to assist you in making your spring preparation even easier than before. With more questions, call us today at (781) 304-8900.