Prepare for Summer with a Newton Landscaper

Posted on May 3, 2024

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Summer is a time to enjoy the weather and take in the natural beauty around you, including your landscaping. However, the heat of summer can make it difficult to care for your plants. With some preparation and the help of a reliable Newton landscaper, you can keep your yard lush and beautiful all summer long. Our team at Cataldo Landscape & Masonry has the expertise you need to ensure your plants thrive, even in the summer heat.


Here are three simple things you and your Newton landscaper can do to help your plants thrive this summer.


Clean Up the Yard

Even if you took care of most of your lawn cleanup in the fall, there’s still some work to be done in the spring. Winter storms can leave debris around your yard that you can’t pick up until spring. While you clear debris and rake leaves, you can also trim and prune your bushes and trees. Reapply mulch to your gardens and beds to help the soil retain moisture and regulate the temperature.


Control Weeds and Pests

Your plants aren’t the only things that thrive during the summer. Weeds and pests also enjoy the warm weather. To protect your plants, weed regularly and use natural weed control methods to curb the growth of anything you don’t want in your gardens or yard. Natural pest control methods are also preferable to chemical pesticides to keep harsh chemicals away from your home and your family.


Plan for Irrigation

Watering the summer can be a challenge. You don’t want your plants to be too dry, but you also don’t want to waste water. If you have sprinklers, position the heads so they only water your plants. No one wants to be that neighbor who is “watering” the sidewalk. Set your sprinklers to go off at regular intervals, but remember to turn them off on rainy days. To keep the water from evaporating before your plants can soak it up, water in the evening when it’s cooler.


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Whether you want to revitalize the plants you have or add some new features to your landscape, our team at Cataldo Landscape & Masonry is ready to help. Contact us at 781-304-8900 to start preparing your landscaping for summer today!