Picking the Right Grass for You

Posted on May 15, 2016

Complete Lawn Care Boston MAWe’re lucky to be from New England where we can be at the mountains in the morning and the ocean by noon. Us New Englanders love the variety we’re given when we pick an area to live in these parts, including the landscape of our home. Though it might seem simple, lawn care in Weston, MA comes with its challenges, such as picking the right grass for your yard. Cataldo Landscaping wants you to take a few items into consideration before choosing the grass for your home.


Shade/sun exposure. Is your yard surrounded by trees, or is it an open field? Certain grasses accept a variety of shade and sun. Knowing your current landscape is essential to making a decision that is beneficial to your home.


Rain/drought tolerance. In the same realm of sun exposure, some grasses fair well in wet environments while others can survive longer periods of time without water. Learn about your local climate to see which grass will strive.


Foot traffic/use of grass. If your grass will be the playground for your children, you will need a grass that is durable. No one wants wear in their grass from animals or people from patterns of traffic, and its best to avoid that through smart grass decisions.


Timeliness. Just as other plants, some grasses take more care and time to grow. If you’re in need of a specific or quick solution, choosing a grass that is easier to maintain might be beneficial to you.


Feel. You would never purchase a rug or carpet without feeling it with your feet first, and the same should be said for grass. If you plan on lounging in your yard or want it to feel great for your children to play on, a softer grass might be in the cards for you.


Now, you’ve thought about what you’re looking for. Now it’s time to decide and give us a call at (781) 304-8900 to speak with us about your options for your lawn care needs this spring.